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Ok, it’s that time of year again – the start of the London Business Houses Contract Bridge Association League Season!

Last year we managed to work our way up one spot from bottom of Division 5. That was nice, but this season we really want to be aiming higher. So, Competitors, be warned, we’re coming for you!!

With Livesy Second and RAC Elite having been promoted last season (one again, congratulations to both teams!), we welcome KPMG and The Stock Exchange to Division 5.

Below is a list of all the fixtures (bar one, which had to be postponed until the New Year, with date TBA):

Tue 16 Oct – Away vs KPMG
Thur 1 Nov – Home vs Buttons C
Tue 20 Nov – Home vs KMPG
Wed 16 Jan – Away vs Buttons C
Tue 29 Jan – Home vs RAC Spitfire
Thur 7 Feb – Home vs Stock Exchange
Tue 19 Feb – Away vs RAC Jaguar
Wed 6 Mar – Away vs RAC Spitfire
Tue 19 Mar – Home vs RAC Jaguar

Bring it on!