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It’s been a mixed bag of results for Canary Wharf in the last couple of months, so here is a summary of how we got on (apologies for being so behind on reporting these):

We started well at the end of January, when we welcomed RAC Spitfire to Canary Wharf and secured a win of 47-38 IMPs against the new entrants to the Division.

Our next home match at against the Stock Exchange didn’t go quite so well, with a loss of 45-76 (winning the second half, but it was too late).

February also saw us travelling away to the RAC twice – first for a successful outing against RAC Jaguar, which we won by a whopping 101 – 47 IMPs. But our joy was short-lived thanks to a drubbing the very next week by RAC Spitfire. Spitfire got their own back after their away loss at Canary Wharf, to win at home 118-20! Ooops.

And finally, a lucky draw and a BYE saw is into the third round of the Leslie Dodd’s Cup where little old Division 5 Canary Wharf got to be hosts to Division 1 Lavender Blue. We never expected to win this match, to be honest. Last year, having already been moved down to the Plate competition, we were beaten by a Division 2 team 148 to NIL.

So we knew we were up against it when meeting Lavender Blue, and the final score showed a comfortable 109 – 18 IMPs win by Lavender Blue. But we did manage to get some points on the board this time, which, frankly, feels like a win in any case!!

Only two matches left to play in the League, and the battle for fourth place is on. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for finishing higher up the table than last year.