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I don’t quite have the words to describe what happened last night! I’m still in a state of shock.

We went to play our Gainsborough Plate knock-out competition match against 2nd Division RAC Morgan – yes, that’s 3 divisions above ours in the league. Keeping in mind that we only got to this round of the Plate because our previous FIRST DIVISION opponents had to concede, we never expected to win this one, but we were going to do our best.

The setting at the RAC is lovely, and RAC Morgan were most gracious hosts, with at least 50 years more collective bridge playing experience than all of us … but that doesn’t excuse the crushing defeat that we suffered – a humiliating 148 – 0 IMPs final scoreline!!

When we had points, we didn’t make the tricks and/or bid the contracts we should have, and in defense, we let them make more tricks than they should have been able to – there really is no way of putting a positive spin on it. It’s not even like we were bamboozled by the use of highly complex conventions – it was just a pretty straight forward trouncing! We just weren’t good enough. 🙁

The only good news is that all that’s happened is we’ve been knocked out of the Plate, and we live to fight another day in the League.

Despite it all, it was a very enjoyable and entertaining evening, with big thanks to RAC Morgan for having us – and it’s fair to say it was definitely a learning experience for us all.

Onward and upward!