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The following is the full list of fixture dates for the London Business Houses league 2017/2018 fixtures:

  • Tuesday 3rd October:                Home.    RAC Jaguar
  • Tuesday 24th October:              Home.    Livesy 2
  • Wednesday 29th November:      Away      RAC Jaguar
  • Tuesday 5th December:             Away.     RAC Elite
  • Wednesday 10th January:         Home      RAC Elite
  • Tuesday 23rd of January           Away      Livesy 2 (North Dulwich)
  • Thursday 22nd February:         Home.     Buttons C
  • Thursday 1st March:                 Home.     National Audit Office
  • Tuesday 20 March:                    Away.      National Audit Office
  • Wednesday 4 April:                   Away.      Buttons C